After Summer Set

by Love Sims
After Summer Set

After Summer Set After some chaotic months (my phone was stolen, lost some of my accounts and basically lost any sense of order in my life lol) I’m uploading something new 🙂 (If you’re not counting my Halloween sweater-dress 🤔). Let’s gonna talk about this collection 😮. I wanted to make something for the space when there’s like summer-ending-time and almost autumn, hope is easy to understand. Basically the time when is like not cold but a little chilly 🤔🤭, or at least what I think it is like, since we don’t have autumn where I live 😋. I created some stuff and added a very not specific color palette, because I wanted it to be good in any season, hope I did it right ☺️. Btw, is like my fifth skirt in a row, so I hope is one of the best

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