1.103-1.104 WickedWhims 180 (12.02.2024)

by Love Sims
wickedwhims mods and club

If you’re new to sims, get ready to introduce you to an amazing mod. If you’re already a sims player for a long time, I’m sure you know this mod. You know that it is possible to experience many lifestyles in this simulation game, and with this mod, you can experience the adult lifestyle.
There is already a job and career option in the game, and the new career added with this mod is to be a club dancer. You can even own a club.

Adult Mods

If you want to be a club owner, you can choose 6 workers and of course you can employ them as dancers in your club.

There are 2 different versions of the mod, the difference of the 2nd version is the club feature I described. Unfortunately, you cannot open a club or go to a club in the first and free version of the mod. In version 2 it is possible.

I will share pictures of some great clubs in the game for you and in a few posts I will give you the clubs that you can use for free. First you should buy Sims 4

Club and Dancer:

wicked whims club dance

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