Supernatural Mod – Zombies – Genie – Fairy

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Supernatural Mod - Zombies - Genie - Fairy


How To Become A Zombie
To become a Zombie a sim who has died from old age must have the logic skill at level 5 to 8 then use the new interaction “Make Deal With Grim Reaper”, this will cause the sim to call the Grim Reaper and be revived as a Zombie! Or you can select the Zombie trait in cas.

Zombies skin have a green hue and their eyes are grey, zombies always walk slouched over and their voice is deeper than a regular sim.

Zombie Features
Zombies hygiene need decays 50 percent more than a regular sim and they lose more relationship points when a social interaction fails, zombies also have some exclusive interactions such as “Chat About Brains”, “Confess Love For Brains”, and “Pretend To Attack”. Zombies will never age and they are 2 times angrier then usual. All social and mental skills perform worse for them.

Plantsim Toddlers

How Can A Toddler Become A Plantsim
Toddlers can become a plantsim by using the interaction “Talk To Strange Fruit” on a magic plant sim tree.

Plantsim Toddler Features
Plantsim toddlers don’t have the bladder need due to it being replaced with water, these toddlers also have a green tined skin.


How Do You Become A Genie
Genies can be made in CAS with the genie trait or complete the wish hunter aspiration.

A Genie has blue skin and a deeper voice than regular sims. A genie beard is also a new cas item but is optional.

Your sims can select certain wishes on genies, this is the list of wishes:
Wish For Beauty: The sim that wished for beauty will gain a little more romantic relationship points when doing romantic interactions with other sims. They will also do romantic interactions more.
Wish For World Peace: Your sim will be able to talk about world peace to other sims.
Wish For Love: The sim that wanted the wish will get a buff for a couple days that lets them gain a lot more romantic relationship points when doing romantic interactions with other sims.
Wish For Long Life: Your sim will no longer age.
Wish For Happiness: The sim that wished for happiness will have a happy buff that last for a day or more.


How Do You Become A Fairy
Fairies can only be made in cas by being selected in the traits menu.

Fairies have the same appearance as normal sims but use the servo flying animation for walking (Discovery University is required for the animation), their voices are also higher pitched.

Fairy Features
Fairies gain the charisma and gardening skill 30 percent quicker then regular. Fairies gardening skill make better produce then the current level, example level one would be threated as level three. Fairies also have new interactions such as “Hot Head” which gives the target an angry buff, “Brag About Playing Pranks”, “Skivvies” which gives the target an embarrassed buff, “Tell A Fairy Tale”, and “Talk About Flowers”.


Supernatural Skeptic
The supernatural Skeptic trait gets a confident buff named “Fake!” when they are around vampires and manage to find out an aliens secret identity, they also have new interactions such as “Appreciate the Ordinary”, “Complain About Vampires”, and “Brag About Freedom”.

Gatherer sims gain the gardening and fishing skill 50 percent faster and the cooking skill 20 percent faster.

Brooding sims lose more relationship points then usual and can sometimes feel “Misunderstood” after having a conversation with another sim. They also have new interactions such as “Talk About Feelings”, “Contemplate the Meaning of Meaning”, and “Consider the Hollowness of Life”.

Aspiration and Career

Turn The Town
Turn The Town is a new aspiration meant for vampires, their goal is to turn as many people into vampires. If they manage to complete their aspiration they will become a Immortal Vampire.

Fortune Teller
Fortune Teller is a new career, it has four stages “Basic Reader”, “Regular Fortune Teller”, “Advanced Fortune Teller”, and “Amazing Psychic”. If a sim manages to become a “Amazing Psychic” they can read other sims fortunes, this will give the targeted sim either an angry, happy or scared emotion.

Credit : SpaceAce

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