Baby Set Part 1

by Love Sims
Baby Set Part 1

Baby Set Part 1 Hello!! I am very happy that I finally finished the first part of the set and can share it with you guys. I wanted to share clutter first and think to share large objects that can be functional such as a crib and changing table in the second part. I can’t give any date, but I’ll try to plan it according to my real-life schedule. Also unlike usual, I wanted to experiment a little bit and have created more detailed objects, please take this into account when using them. Let’s move on to the items. The set includes 23 items: ♡ The number of polys the objects have is between 2k and 3k on average. ♡ The number of swatches they have varies between 15, 12, and 10 ♡ Eating sets and baby gym are high poly. Please use them in moderation

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