cas mod no make up no accessories on

by Love Sims
cas mod no make up no accessories on

cas mod no make up no accessories on This mod disables make-up and accessories (incl. tattoos and hats) when randomizing a sim in CAS. As a bonus, from my understanding & testing, the same game mechanic is then also applied for any randomly generated townies in-game (not including NPC outfits). As someone who spends countless hours in CAS and gets quickly frustrated with randomized townie outfits, I felt like this could be useful 😃 You can use this mod simultaneously with my presets mod for randomized sims. Download the mod here: SFS | MF. Possible conflicts: This mod is an override of a game file that also includes a small number of other CAS parameters, in particular maximum settings for fitness/slimness sliders. So it might conflict with other mods aiming at modifying these CAS parameters. Feel free to let me know if you know of or encounter any conflicting mods – I will then add the info to this post.

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Credit : simplyanjuta

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