Fearless The Sims 4 Game Mods

by Love Sims
Fearless The Sims 4 Game Mods

Disables all fears for all ages so your sims can dance in a storm in their best dress, Fearless! Sims will not gain any new fears and it will hide the traits, moodlets, whims and interactions for sims with existing fears Download the Individual Fears zip and use the files for just the fears bugging you or Download the All Fears zip to remove all of them If you find anything iv missed or have any suggestions please let me know I plan on making another version of this with different % chances of gaining fears Shoutout to Bella Goth and my testing household for putting up with every fear-inducing situation I could throw at them for a sim week 😀 May Conflict with any other mod altering fears

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Credit : JungleSim

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