Klubb is Coming to Sims 4

by Love Sims
Klubb is Coming to Sims 4

Klubb is Coming to Sims 4 Hey everyone, As Klubb & Bergdorfverse we partnered up to bring Klubb creations from Second Life to Sims 4! This page will feature Klubb content converted by Bergdorfverse and will be run as a collaborative one. 🖤 You can check Klubb releases on SL to get an idea of what’s coming @klubb.sl and stay up to date with Sims 4 releases @klubb.sims as well as on Tumblr & our Pinterest Board. For our first month of Klubb x Sims, we are doing a promotional offer where all patrons recieve a free 1000L SecondLife gift card. If you are interested in this, please send us your username and we will send you the gift card promptly. The credit only works on items from May 2022 to now (products with an in-world ad) due to a change in vendors. We look forward to sharing all the things we planned with you all and hope you will share our excitement 🤗 – Lucas & Rose

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