New possibilities in buy and build mode

by Love Sims
New possibilities in buy and build mode

The build mode has been heavily revised and works more modularly

You can now easily move and rotate entire rooms while preserving all items placed in them

You can also make rooms larger or smaller afterwards

What’s new is that you can place room shapes and then enlarge or rotate them as you wish

Of course, the previous option of creating rooms remains

A foundation can be added later using a slider and can have eight different heights

Walls can be of different heights

3 room heights are available

The wall height can be adjusted for each floor

Two basement floors, three floors plus a roof are currently possible

Creating roofs is now very easy

The height, curves and the overhang of the individual roof areas can be easily defined with just a few mouse movements

The roof colors for individual roof elements can be specified individually, so a house can have different roof colors

Fences can have rounded corners

Objects on the walls can be moved horizontally

These include, for example, windows, pictures and wall-mounted televisions

Pillars can now be placed on fences and in walls

There are new architectural decorative elements such as spandrels, friezes and pilasters

Arch elements can be placed between two columns

In two-storey rooms, the light from the upper floor falls into the lower floor

There is a new fountain creation tool

Completed rooms can be placed to make house construction even faster

You can select four different times of day in buy/build mode and then view your house

The buy mode is structured like a kind of furniture catalogue

You can filter it by style and color and you will find fully furnished rooms that you can place directly or you can choose an object from the room shown

However, the purchase mode can also be browsed according to object categories, as is known

The buy mode has a search function

How do you use the Build mode mod in Sims 4?

To toggle into T.O.O.L while in Build Mode (this works whether you have a Sim on the lot or not), hit Shift+T on your keyboard

worlds and neighborhoods

  • The previously known principle of neighborhoods is changed in The Sims 4
  • The developers are now talking about different worlds
  • Each world consists of several (currently 5) neighborhoods
  • Each of these neighborhoods owns up to five lots
  • You can think of these worlds as cities that have distinct urban areas (neighborhoods).
  • Each of these neighborhoods has its own charm and flair
  • Sims of the active household can reside in different neighborhoods, time continues everywhere
  • If you switch between Sims within a district, there are no loading times
  • However, if you switch between Sims that are in different neighborhoods, loading times will be short
  • You can continue to explore the neighborhood with your Sims
  • However, only one property is active at a time
  • If you enter a different lot or neighborhood, a loading screen will appear
  • Possible types of community plots are:
  • Depending on the plot type, the Sims behave differently
  • Completely different community plots are also possible without special allocation
  • You cannot place new lots
  • The world ages with you, if you want it to
  • You have several options for setting the aging:
  • You can set the lifespan of the Sims in your world: short, normal, or long
  • You can switch between multiple households in the same and different neighborhoods and worlds
  • The Sims leave the neighborhood to go to work, disappearing at the edge of the property
  • There are no more rabbit holes
  • The individual neighborhoods have different levels of prosperity, which is reflected in the property prices, among other things
  • Your Sims can travel to other worlds
  • The tram shown in some pictures is for decoration only and has no function

More innovations

  • The Sims are now much smarter
  • You can earn new items, outfits, and traits by completing events, finding collectibles, and unlocking rewards
  • The needs of “comfort” and “environment” no longer exist
  • The game should also run well on weaker computers
  • The number of simultaneous voice actors has been tripled
  • There are no clothing stores. You can switch to the CAS at any time and move your Sims
  • Pregnant women can also move in the CAS
  • A new feature is added to the game, the Gallery
  • The Sims can fish
  • There’s a maid again, gardener, postman and pizza delivery man
  • There is an auto save feature
  • This creates a separate save game that is automatically updated
  • Sims that are very good at a skill can serve as a mentor to others and help those Sims learn skills faster
  • There will be a mod folder where you can load mods for the game
  • You can delete any sim in the world
  • There is an archive for the info messages

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