Sims 4 Zodiac Traits

by Love Sims
Sims 4 Zodiac Traits

This mod adds the ability for any Sim to have one of the 12 zodiac traits, The zodiac traits will be added to the reward store for 1 satisfaction point, These traits are here to make your sims have more personality whilst not taking up a 3rd trait slot. The only difference in the two mods are this one uses the XML Injector instead of a Mod Constructor script. There are no translations in this version. List of compatible signs: Aquarius with Leo and Sagittarius Aries with Leo and Libra Cancer with Capricorn and Taurus Capricorn with Cancer and Taurus Gemini with Aquarius and Sagittarius Leo with Aquarius and Gemini Libra with Aries and Sagittarius Pisces with Taurus and Virgo Sagittarius with Aries and Gemini Scorpio with Cancer and Taurus Virgo with Cancer and Pisces

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