Western Tack Room

by Love Sims
Western Tack Room

Western Tack Room Howdy partner! 🤠 Saddle up and get ready to liven up your Western tack room with our brand spankin’ new Western Tack Room set! This here collection comes packed with 8 downright fancy decorative pieces that’ll turn your place into a genuine cowboy haven. We’re talkin’ Western Boots, Western Hats, a sturdy Bulletin Board, a Hanging Western Saddle, a danglin’ Western Pad, and to top it all off, a Hanging Western Bridle and a custom Saddle Stand. It’s the whole shebang, and then some! 😎 Now, we gotta tip our hats to Sass and Freckles for rustlin’ up that stunning hanging Bridle mesh. We took it and spun it into a Western Bridle, decked out with a jaw-droppin’ Native American pattern. It’s a real showstopper! ✨ And just so you know, each of these items comes in a bunch of colors, so you can pick and choose to match your style.

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