Better Romantic Jealousy

by Love Sims
Better Romantic Jealousy

Better Romantic Jealousy This mod alters the behaviour of jealousy reactions when Sims are caught cheating, or when a Sim tries to flirt or otherwise interact romantically with a Sim who’s already in another relationship. Simler90’s mod “Better Romance” made me take notice of the fact that Sims don’t react to cheating quite the way I thought they should. In my opinion, the most ridiculous and perplexing aspect of the default jealousy behaviour is that Sims do not take into account whether a romantic interaction is accepted or rejected. They also never take notice of the third Sim involved in a potential love triangle. So, if a Sim catches their best friend kissing their spouse, they won’t be upset with the friend in question! All the blame lies with the spouse and no grudges are held between the friends. I find that lacking and unrealistic.

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The Realistic Reactions Mod

Credit : Mokunoid

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