Slice of Life Mod Update

by Love Sims
Slice of Life Mod Update

This is the full slice of life mod filled with every pack available at the time. My Memories – Allows sims to remember special moments and talk about them. My Social Life – Allows sims to call friends and family and even make group calls. My Personality – Allows sims to have more personality. My Appearance – Allows sims to have tears, blush, bruises, and skincare options. My Cycle – Allows sims to have menstrual cycles.

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My Alcohol – Allows sims to get drunk from drinking alcoholic beverages. My Beauty – Allows sims to wear makeup and perfume. My Self Woohoo – Allows sims to woohoo with themselves. My Health – Allows sims to have realistic sicknesses. My Phone – Allows sims to text, watch streams, watch movies, and have group chats. My Party – Throw & get invited to parties!

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