Forgotten Grotto Oasis Springs Map Guide

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Forgotten Grotto Oasis Springs Map Guide

There are some places in The Sims 4 that you have to go through some complicated ways to get there. There are secret doors to these places that open in some parts of the maps. BUY

The Forgotten Grotto is a secret lot in Oasis Springs. Sims can access the area by breaking open and entering an abandoned mine entrance (requires level 10 handiness) that can be found deep within the canyon behind Desert Bloom Park, and also behind Affluista Mansion.

Forgotten Grotto is Oasis Spring’s hidden lot. you will need to visit the “Dessert Bloom Park” or the “Landgraab Mansion”, and find the abandoned Mine Cave.  Both entrances require Level 10 Handiness.

Once you’ve got the door down, you can select the Wide PathClimb LadderStep onto LedgeTravel to Grotto

Once you answer the questions correctly you’ll then be able to access the grotto and start exploring!

Fishing in Forgotten Grotto

Like most places in The Sims 4, there is a specific type of fish you’ll be able to find easier in the Forgotten Grotto. I’ve found that this is the only place you can find a batfish so if you want to finish your fish collection you’ll need to grow your handiness and take a visit to forgotten grotto. Wellness Skill 

How do you find the hidden cave in Sims 4?

The best trick to finding the cave is to travel to Mua Pel’am and then locate the waterfall. The cave should be just to the right of the waterfall.

sims 4 hidden cave

Can you live in forgotten grotto Sims 4?

Unfortunately you can’t live in the Grotto so once you’re done exploring your Sims will need to return home. Luckily you can take a little piece of the grotto with you!

With the bb. enablefreebuild cheat enabled, you are able to construct on and edit lots that are otherwise locked in the game.

If you remember, in The Sims 3 you couldn’t take your Sim from one world to the other or have relationships with Sims living in different worlds. Now if you’re living in Willow Creek but your Sim wants to visit the mischievous Malcom in Oasis Springs you can do that just as easily as seeing your neighbour down the street. Say you like more of a dry heat and want to move to Oasis Springs? No problem! Your Sim’s relationships, skills and jobs will go along with them. It’s a completely fluid experience.

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