Sims 4 Goth Family Update

by Love Sims
sims 4 goth family makeover

The mini-update brings a overhaul of the GOTH family, in addition to objects and new music.

there was a big The Sims 4 update – at least for English-speaking players – the Sims developers are releasing a small replenishment today in the form of a Sims delivery. In addition to new music , this also contains new objects in the form of a chair, a table and a lamp.

In addition, the Goth family has been given a makeover. The “new” Goth family is available to you when you start a new game.

You will need to restart your game to get the new content. To manually check the game for a new Sims delivery, you can go into the game options. Here you can also set how often the game should check for these mini-updates. If there is a new Sims delivery, you will receive a corresponding notification.

  • Two New Nose Presets
  • Mortimer’s Wrinkles and Eyebrows

sims 4 moddlet camp and table

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