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New Career -Childhood Education with 2 Branches: Curriculum Development Specialist, and Senior Psychologist Educator New Tutoring and Report Card System When your child/teen sims are failing school (Grade D-F) they will be able to get some tutoring. HOWEVER, you can only ask to be tutored if you have the “Bad Report Card” buff. How do you get that? By reporting grades which only come Tuesdays/Thursdays. Your sims will receive the “Grades Incoming” Buff. With that, you can report grades to your grown ups! (I tested it with biological and caregiver parents. I have not gotten to adoptive parents but it should work.) New Star Student System On the other side of things, if your child/teen sims are doing VERY well (GRADE A ONLY) they will be able to become a Star Student which is a very distinguished title! However, you can use your power to either brag or help your fellow students! It is up to you! But do be warned, if sims have had enough of it they will tell you off and might even report you! New Traits Educator *HIDDEN TRAIT*(From the Childhood Education Career **If for whatever reason, you don’t see interactions popping up for the career, select your sim and click the Give Educator Trait and then you should see them!**) Star Student (From Reaching Grade A) (Child/Teen Compatible) Tutoring *HIDDEN TRAIT* Tutee (From Requesting Tutoring if Grade is D-F) (Child/Teen Compatible) Star Student Interactions (Child/Teen)

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