Deep Woods Secret Area Outdoor Retreat

by Love Sims
Deep Woods Secret Area Outdoor Retreat
  • Your Sims can now travel to Granite Falls ( outdoor retreat pack ). This isn’t a new neighborhood, it’s a destination, Sims will only carry what they carry in their inventory. If you need additional items, you must purchase them at a ranger station in Granite Falls. Granite Falls consists of three large properties:
    • A camp where your Sims can use tents or log cabins
    • A national park where you can discover new insects and plants
    • A secret property where a hermit lives
  • You can adapt and rebuild the plots according to your wishes

The hermit is living inside the deep woods which can only be accessed if you first travel to Granite Falls Forest National Park. You can travel there by clicking m when you’ve already arrived in Granite Falls and choosing the park.

Is there a secret area in Sulani?

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