Secret Area Sixam – Sims 4 Aliens

by Love Sims
Secret Area Sixam - Sims 4 Aliens

First You must have Get to Work pack

Aliens can be found inhabiting Sixam, and three unique kinds of otherworldly flora can be found and harvested. Two new crystals and metals can only be found on Sixam, the former of which can derive a new element. There is also a six-piece collection of geodes that are exclusive to the planet which give environment boosts when placed on a lot

How do I get to Sixam sims4? : You will need to get to work expansion pack installed. The first is to build a rocket ship.

Can you build on Sixam Sims 4 : It’s not possible that you built there it just actually has the purpose of just discovering.

Can you live in Sixam? : You can build on Sixam with the free build cheat. I built small living quarters, added a restroom, BBQ grill, etc. The only major problem is that there really isn’t anything to do. Occassionally you have an Alien roam through and you can talk to them for your social skill, but it is really boring

How do you travel to Sixam in Sims 4?

1: Rocket Science
to reach level 10 Rocket Science and install a Wormhole Generator for $1,000. In all, the project will cost you $7,000 and some time.

2: The Scientist Career
Reaching level 10 in the Scientist Career, you can upgrade your Wormhole Generator by attending work and using the Invention Constructor.

Is there a secret area in Sulani?

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